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Devoted Health

As a passion project I took DevotedHealth's current web layout and user experience and re-imagined it through my own lens. My goal with this was to take a website that needed a design upgrade and create a new design and branding system while keeping the same colors and logo. DevotedHealth is a company specializing in health insurance, so it was also important for me to keep that element of it in my re-design. I recreated each of these pages from scratch using Figma.

devotedhealth .png
devoted health screenshot.png
Group 15.png
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devotedhealth mobile1.png


I fully recreated both the homepage (left) and the team member page (below) on Figma. I added more life to the original pages by implementing more color, personality, and making everything feel more user-friendly by compartmentalizing all of the text in an organized fashion.

devotedhealth mobile2.png
Group 17.png

Figma wireframe

Screen Shot 2022-08-21 at 10.22.12 PM.png
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