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Original Logo:

The logo mark is the most essential part of a brand's identity, so it was important for me to do some deep-dive research on La'Berry before determining which image would look the best. I conducted this research by studying the business's current branding, their demographic, and the identity of their competition. Using my collected data, I was able to create a number of different logo ideas before deciding on the best one which was a huge improvement from what La'Berry Frozen Yogurt had before.

La'Berry Design Process


My Remake


packaging design concept

La'Berry Frozen Yogurt Identity & Rebranding

With this project I created a hypothetical rebrand of La'Berry Frozen Yogurt Cafe, a popular fro-yo spot in Savannah, Georgia. Compared to its old branding, the new identity I created for La Berry is more inviting and better fits with La'Berry's vibrant and cheerful personality. Staying true to the cafe's trademark colors, the heart-shaped logo mark gives off the idea of delicious frozen yogurt that anyone can enjoy. 

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