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Just One Dime & Ecom 2019

Just One Dime is a premier ecommerce coaching company headuartered in Austin, TX. Born from YouTube, this company's mission is to help everyday people create passive income so they can escape the 9-5pm work schedule to have freedom to do the things they love with the people they love.

Since early January, 2019, I have worked as the lead graphic designer on our marketing team; creating and assisting in all designs created for the company. Examples include designing the visual layout of the website and it's UX/UI, thumbnails for YouTube, social media posts, printed pamphlets, and interactive pdfs for events.

Social Media Content
Website implementation

Brand Book

Old Just One Dime logo

New Just One Dime logo (designed by me)

JOD_logo_color (1).png
brand book.png

As the lead graphic designer, I overlooked all graphics that went on the company's Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. I also was responsible for designing and maintaining the company's website, and created all digital illustrations and printed item for social media platforms and events. 

Top: A shirt I designed for Ecom 2020 London
Bottom: A social media post I made for JOD's Instagram

Just One Dime's website. I was responsible for creating the design, the user interface and the user experience.

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business cards.png
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0309_19 Ecom Card 04-11.jpg
0309_19 Ecom Card 04-9.jpg

I had the pleasure of being the lead (and only!) graphic designer for Just One Dime's annual events: Ecom 2019. I designed and printed everything, from billboards, banners, webpages, to the pamphlets that were passed out to over 250+ guests. 

Just One Dime & Ecom 2019 LA

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