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Just One Dime & Ecom 2019

Just One Dime is a premier ecommerce coaching company headuartered in Austin, TX. Born from YouTube, this company's mission is to help everyday people create passive income so they can escape the 9-5pm work schedule to have freedom to do the things they love with the people they love.

Since early January, 2019, I have worked as the lead graphic designer on our marketing team; creating and assisting in all designs created for the company. Examples include designing the visual layout of the website and it's UX/UI, thumbnails for YouTube, social media posts, printed pamphlets, and interactive pdfs for events.

Website Design


Old Just One Dime logo

New Just One Dime logo (designed by me)

JOD_logo_color (1).png
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Top: A sticker design I created for a marketing campaign.
Bottom: A social media avatar I made of JOD's CEO.

JOD Events-068.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 2.45_edited.jpg

Marketing materials

brand book.png
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As the lead graphic designer, I overlooked all graphics that went on the company's Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. I also was responsible for designing and maintaining the company's website, and created all digital illustrations and printed item for social media platforms and events. 

Website implenetation

I was responsible for creating the design, the user interface and the user experience for Just One Dime's website. Below is an example of a full landing page I worked on (It has since been updated)

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Just One Dime & Ecom 2019 LA

I had the pleasure of being the lead (and only!) graphic designer for Just One Dime's annual events: Ecom 2019. I designed and printed everything, from billboards, banners, webpages, to the pamphlets that were passed out to over 250+ guests. 

ecom 2019 sign.jpg
0309_19 Ecom Card 04-11.jpg
0309_19 Ecom Card 04.jpg
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