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Tilly's is an edgy, skate clothing company founded in Los Angeles, California. Yet without "Clothing, Shoes, Accessories" below the title, one would have trouble pinpointing this identity as a skate store. The outdated type and lack of visual interest does not convey the skateboarding lifestyle. From the shape to the plain color palette, there is nothing visually striking about this mark that would pull an onlooker in.


Dynamic and visually inviting, the new logo mark now reads as skate culture. The letters 't' and 'i' from tillys were combined to create a person skateboarding. The turquoise crescent serves a ramp, and since skateboarding is a lifestyle that one lives and breathes, it can also represent skating from sunrise to moonrise. Helvetica oblique was chosen for the typeface due to it's straight-edge and moving-forward nature.








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